Our Claim process has been simplified, please email your claim at:




Include the following information:


  1. Clear photos of:

    1. Serial number (for all major products)

    2. Defective area of the product

    3. Complete product

      1. For kites, must have photo of the top side of the complete kite

    4. Original proof of purchase including date of purchase

      1. Pryde Group honors warranties on products no matter where in the world they were purchased; however, warranty is only valid on new products purchased from an authorized retailer

  2. Narrative of defect: Narrative must describe the defect in workmanship or manufacturing

  3. Narrative of how the defect presented itself to the consumer

  4. Narrative of serial number

  5. Shipping address must be provided in the claim.

  6. Note that shipping damage should not be processed as a warranty claim and will be immediately rejected.

  7. Any required information that is missing will result in rejection of the claim.  The retailer will then have the opportunity to submit a new email-claim with the complete information.

» Please allow 3 weeks for warranty processing.